Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So on October 30th I got hitched and married my beautiful wife, Meaghan AND moved to Dallas.

Dan Z. took the flicks, so many thanks go out to him for making things awesome. But i haven't stopped sketching and there's some more work coming which is in the mix right now as i settle into things here. Here's some sketch's for the time being and a little diddy i did for a band but it wasn't accepted. Whatev's. Enjoy!

*Words to make out in the illustration*
Band name: We are the in crowd
Tag: "I really think i hate you"

hope you can read it!

1 comment:

seth robinson- said...

I love all this.
vomit happenings piece = awesome
word art piece = top notch
wife marriage = excellent
congrats again brah!