Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kids books & Vegetables!

OK, so I've been away and some-what out of the loop lately. BUT i have been busy. So here's some recent updates on some of the work that's been taking up my time recently as well as some findings and some other odds and ends. Also, I'll post some small work that I've been doing in the past few months later this week. Enjoy!

Above are the panels of this childrens book I illustrated for a friend of mine, Chris Brignola.

Above, is a book i found at the Red Hill thrift shop. And it's about one of my favorite past times; VEGETABLES! The illustrations are amazing, very similar to what I am constantly trying to accomplish. This illustrator however accomplished this very well.


meaghangonser said...

yes sir, mr. c

Pete said...

i like your childrens book illustrations. kyle, if you want to draw vegetables like that just do the crosshatching and then use watercolor washes over them. you can do it.

Allegra said...

is the children's book being published? i'd love to get my hands on that. the illustrations are amazing! great work, kyle!!


Toni said...

yea i'm a friend of megs and i was wondering if theres a way to get a copy of the childrens book too. :)

meaghangonser said...

new robot/television gusto mucho.