Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm coming back!

I know i haven't been around for awhile for those advent followers of mine. (i say that with all sarcasm) But i have been across the US and back. My life's changed quite a bit with the addition of a beautiful girlfriend Meaghan and I am no longer living in Brooklyn but back to where I got my start; Pennsylvania. BUT I do have a scanner coming in the mail so i'll have more work up on here ASAP! But for the time being, this is some work that I did recently for a competition at www.talenthouse.com Enjoy! Robots are awesome!

11x14 ink on bristol

**Dustin Hostetler was awesome enough to put this image in "Faesthetic's" blog recently. Needless to say i was SUPER stoked. Take a look, its short and sweet.**