Monday, February 16, 2009

UPDATE on my recent life/work

Ok so i've been traveling quite a bit, back and forth between Pennsylvania and New York the past couple weeks. I've been commissioned to do a painting. It's more or less a panoramic seasonal painting of birch trees. The colors are muted and almost desaturated. There are 4 canvases; 2 of them are 8'6" x 3" and the other 2 are 4'3" x 3" HUGE in comparison to what i usually do. So i had to stretch the canvases myself, then the primer was applied. Then i used black paint markers to outline the birch trees. After, i coated the canvases with another coat of primer but this time it was an "off-white" color so the black paint marker underneath still could be seen under the new coat of paint.

Then on top of the last coat i used a darker "off-white" spray paint to fill in behind the trees and branches. To finish that off i took a brown paint marker and gave the trees texture so they stuck out not as just white wirey poles. Some other work that i have to put up are just some doodles and quick sketches that i've been doing of people on the train well as this little doodle i drew on a childs placement while passing time at a RedRobbin the other night.