Monday, December 21, 2009


Here's some work I did for my buddy Rob at Either/Or Records. He's the singer for I Am Alaska and has been talking awhile about doing his own thing so I developed a logo for him and here's an album cover I did for one of his first releases.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kids books & Vegetables!

OK, so I've been away and some-what out of the loop lately. BUT i have been busy. So here's some recent updates on some of the work that's been taking up my time recently as well as some findings and some other odds and ends. Also, I'll post some small work that I've been doing in the past few months later this week. Enjoy!

Above are the panels of this childrens book I illustrated for a friend of mine, Chris Brignola.

Above, is a book i found at the Red Hill thrift shop. And it's about one of my favorite past times; VEGETABLES! The illustrations are amazing, very similar to what I am constantly trying to accomplish. This illustrator however accomplished this very well.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm coming back!

I know i haven't been around for awhile for those advent followers of mine. (i say that with all sarcasm) But i have been across the US and back. My life's changed quite a bit with the addition of a beautiful girlfriend Meaghan and I am no longer living in Brooklyn but back to where I got my start; Pennsylvania. BUT I do have a scanner coming in the mail so i'll have more work up on here ASAP! But for the time being, this is some work that I did recently for a competition at Enjoy! Robots are awesome!

11x14 ink on bristol

**Dustin Hostetler was awesome enough to put this image in "Faesthetic's" blog recently. Needless to say i was SUPER stoked. Take a look, its short and sweet.**

Monday, June 29, 2009

Also more sketches etc.

If you've been hanging out with me lately, you've probably seen some of these sketches in my new sketchbook. I'm retiring the old one with but a few pages that are blank. But here's some stuff i've done lately inside and outside of my sketchbook. Enjoy!

Robot Tree's done for "Fishing for Eskimo's." I'll put a link up if they decide to use them.

This was never used but i was really happy with how it turned out.

This was a longboard graphic done for Rayskin.

And this is....well actually i have no explanation for this.


This is Lunarsway.

I'm working in conjunction with Piermont Records & Management on Lunarsway's website, ep, myspace, etc. The myspace is laid out and desiged/illustrated by myself except for the coding which i'm teaching myself to do. Currently designing their site to; check them out here:

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ok so I interned with Zoo York for a while, I think I mentioned that a while back and I also did some work for Married to the Mob. Anyway, here's what I did!

Sorry for the poor image quality on this last one, this is the only copy of this shirt that i could find on my computer. These shirts, were all etched on scratch board. I worked on this with Christian Acker.

Ok this one is a mixture of St. Michael's in France and the old movie poster for "Metropolis."

This was the girl shirt that i did for Zoo when i first started interning there. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes i'm glad people don't know i'm doodling them

Ok this is probably the most detailed doodle i had of the lady sitting across from me, probably because she was doing the same thing over and over again, and that was eating. There's a reason they say eating on the subway is a choking hazard.

All of these people were sitting across from me on the train. Mind you i only did this for my own personal satisfaction. This guy was just begging to be doodled, he looked like such an idiot.

This guy was with his girlfriend on the train. I've never seen anyone be such jerk to their counterpart in public ever....thus i doodled him and his amazing features on his face.

(sorry for the bad photo)
This guy had no chance. His bleached blonde tips and the ice in his ears really highlighted the amazing tan that he had going on. But not to worry, his well put together outfit (cargo jeans and a grey hoodie with a purple/blue foil print) really allowed the tan leather shoes he was wearing to highlight that amazing tan of his. Ok, done ranting. Enjoy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

IAA; digital ep

Ok so at the band's request, the theme behind this album cover is reminiscent of something already becoming more popular again. (i'll let you figure out what i mean on your own.) I did the illustration in a few hours, it took me a few sketches before i was comfortable enough to render the final pic. Threw it into photoshop and ta-da!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My friend over at NoSleep records needed this done asap, so i got it done for him over night. For a band called "Monument to Thieves." Former members of eighteen visions, Throwdown and a few other bands i can't think of. I just hope it prints lighter, which is just wishful thinking. O' well.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More sketches!

Ok so i've been up and about alot lately. PA, NY, NJ, a really horrible tri-state journey actually. I hate PA and NJ, sorry but i really do. It's like driving in a monotonous black hole. I think black holes must have more interest in them. But it shows in my sketches/art, etc. These are some sketches i did while on the train through this hell hole. Enjoy!

This is a man with a really huge forehead, who's picture was on a book jacket and i had to flick it with my camera phone.

This is a robotic pig. This was a small little thing done for my friend Adam G. at Zoo, it met his criteria; gas mask and robotic, but i don't think he likes it....o' well.

This is a picture of a man sitting adjacent to me while on the NJtransit line to Trenton. Honestly, he looks so plain i had to sketch him, i think i should sketch with more pencils. But I couldn't help but wonder what must have been going through his mind as he sat there...doing absolutely nothing to entertain himself on his hour and a half journey to NJ; "why doesn't my wife like all of my sports jersey's?" or "why doesn't my wife just understand me and my fantasy football team?" or "why did my wife leave me?"

This was a small squiggle pattern, thing. I don't know what to call it actually, but its a good way to kill time and it looks cool too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

O yeah more work!

I've been trying to do overnight designs as fast as possible lately. Here's a few exercises i've done. (only 2 i know but hey it's a start and if i can do 1 a night that would a great start. More to come!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back home in Brooklyn!

Ok so i went back to Pennsylvania for 2 weeks then came back to NY for a week and then went back again to finish some work and 2 weeks later i'm back home for good. While i was back i got a copy of the last "I Am Alaska" shirt i did for them.

I would also like to take this time to update you on the actual work i did while in PA. I was painting 4 panels. This project comprised of spray paints and markers, etc. Below are photos of the items i used to complete this project and the actual finished pieces. Excuse the bad photography. Enjoy!

My color pallette;

Brushes, markers,stencils & spray paint, etc.

The finished canvases.







Monday, February 16, 2009

UPDATE on my recent life/work

Ok so i've been traveling quite a bit, back and forth between Pennsylvania and New York the past couple weeks. I've been commissioned to do a painting. It's more or less a panoramic seasonal painting of birch trees. The colors are muted and almost desaturated. There are 4 canvases; 2 of them are 8'6" x 3" and the other 2 are 4'3" x 3" HUGE in comparison to what i usually do. So i had to stretch the canvases myself, then the primer was applied. Then i used black paint markers to outline the birch trees. After, i coated the canvases with another coat of primer but this time it was an "off-white" color so the black paint marker underneath still could be seen under the new coat of paint.

Then on top of the last coat i used a darker "off-white" spray paint to fill in behind the trees and branches. To finish that off i took a brown paint marker and gave the trees texture so they stuck out not as just white wirey poles. Some other work that i have to put up are just some doodles and quick sketches that i've been doing of people on the train well as this little doodle i drew on a childs placement while passing time at a RedRobbin the other night.