Sunday, November 30, 2008

DOODLES are so much fun!


Ok so i should explain this kiddie a bit. I basically was doodling out of a magazine the other day on the coffee table/bench and i came across this picture of this little whipper snapper so i drew his expression and left it in my sketchbook. A few days later i was sitting uncomfortably close to someone on the train who insisted on looking over my shoulder at what i was drawing the entire time. So to direct their attention away from my pad i was leafing through my recent sketches and came across this little joy and i just decided to "add." Enjoy!

Animal man faces!

So i've been doodling all within the realm of "uncomfortableness" lately and so in trying to draw something incredibly uncomfortable to look at, or just plain awkward i expunged these little characters. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok so i've been running around like crazy lately. I quit my night job at the Element store in times square and i've been freelancing ever since. I've also picked up an internship at ZooYork skateboarding and i'm really learning alot of post-production work as well as alot of interesting steps that i've been able to incorporate into my illustrationg process. I know i've been in and out of the world lately but i promise you in the next few weeks you'll see a big change in my process. I've been taking alot of my contemporary style and incorporating it onto scratch-board which Zoo York has thankfully been using. I discovered that i like scratch board alot. After i was finished with my one graphic for zoo york, the art director simply asked me if i'd like to try scratch board, so i said yeah! And i've been doing nothing but scratch board for the past 3 weeks. I'll have all of that up in the next few months when i'm allowed to but for now i can only show you some of my recent freelance work. Some of it's in the works still, and some is finished.