Wednesday, March 5, 2008


These all came to be while carpooling to school and back. My fellow classmate and I would take turns every week driving an hour down to school and an hour back, almost every day of the week sometimes. This went on for two years. So one day while sitting in the back of the 92 Toyota Celica going about 110 mph up the Northeast Extension; i found myself absolutely overwhelmed with the workload that was going to haunt me that night. I knew my schedule was absolutely shot for the evening. Along with my personal schedule and other things that seemed to be taking place i was not going to get anything done that night as far as sketches were concerned. So i put my pen on my pad and let the bouncy car make my movements.
Here's my first Robot sketch:

My second, followed by my 3rd, 4th and etc., etc.

Now if you'll notice; on the top row of bots, in the middle, is my black jack dealer. He's also on my black t-shirts. The 2nd row, on the far right is Jon. He's also on my t-shirts.

Now let's look right about this text line and on the far left you'll see "The Prototype." This was a robot done for the concept/story album done by the band "Igor's Egg." The Prototype is a malicious CD that instantaneously transforms into this rampaging robot that immediately reeks havoc on the world it inhabits.

The 2nd robot is Chad. He was initially a sketch made for the band a06. Then refined and tuned up to look like the robot on the far right who is the actual 'a06.'

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