Thursday, February 7, 2008


I continually talk about my roots in the fine-arts so i figured it's about time that i show any readers some of my abstract paintings that i've become so fond of. (and how bad i am at blogging)

"Mordecai" 4.75in x 4.75in acrylic on illustration board

This paint is my first abstract painting in the series and it's called 'Mordecai.' It's done in acrylic on illustration board. (approx. size: 4.75inx4.75in) I put on a song on repeat and listened to it for about an hour on my headphones before i came up with this grotesque image.
"Untitled" 8.5in x 9.75in collage w/acrylics on illustration board

The second piece, is a larger piece. It's name i haven't come up with yet. But it too is done on illustration board. But this time the the background doesn't have a black base but i "mod-podged" clippings of newspaper articles and other various magazine clippings to make the base. I believe in the top left corner you can see a small snippet of an clementine orange box mesh that i used. (I was thinking in alot of 'reds' as you can tell on this piece.) Also if you look closely there's a face that i painted in the middle with alot of black acrylic washes. I don't know why the face is there, it just had to or i wouldn't have been satisfied with myself.

" "
4.75in x 4.75 acrylic on illustration board

This third piece was a very satisfying piece. Done on illustration board with a black base. I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton so the little curl in the top left is my tribute to his wonderful piece "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

4.75in x 4.75in acrylics/spray paints on illustration board

No i don't really have any explanation for this piece's name. The only being; i continually make up words in my head. I know they don't exist but i figured they should be perfect for my paintings. I write them down in one of my sketchbooks all the time so one day i'll probably put that up on here so you can see all the wonderful words that i like to make up.
"Mystical Rather"
4.75in x 4.75in acrylics on illustration board

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