Monday, February 18, 2008

Music Magazine

Given the choice between a snowboarding magazine and a private clothing line magazine i decided to go with the "Strings n' Things" Musicians magazine. An initial look at a few other instrument retail magazines, etc. would suggest that to keep up with the ever growing music industry (as it's participants become younger and younger.) i decided to make the design for this magazine easy for the eye to follow without too much to vary from.

My next decision was to fully render this image, scan it and then fix any flaws in photoshop.

This image was done in my sketch book. I mapped everything out with pencil of course and then i decided what my color palette should be. I decided to start with the hat. I colored the hat with a the tea i was drinking that morning. I just dipped my thin tip brush in my tea cup and started dabbling a little bit at a time. Then i moved down to the legs or pants, still using the tea. By the time i made it up to the shirt it was midmorning and i had moved onto my second cup of caffeine, coffee.
I used the coffee to stain the shoes and shirt. Layers of tea and coffee later i had a very near-rendered image. So i added line contour with a 0.1 gel pen that i had in my pocket.

**The outfit was nearly done and i still wasn't satisfied. I wanted a cold texture. Something that would be brooding and yet allow the feel of the musician still come out on the forefront. So purely by accident; i discovered that cross hatching with a regular black ball point pen, and then swabbing some rubbing alcohol over top with a few q-tips, takes enough of the black out of the ink so that it leaves a blueish hue behind.**
Applying this to the face, feet and neck i got exactly what i wanted. I was so happy with this.

Now it's time for the bass. This time i used the coffee stains as i did before but only for the underlying base for the image. The rest of the colors were all done in prisma color markers and some metallic paints were used for the strings and the knobs on the head of the guitar as well as with the pick-ups on the guitar.

(Any highlights on the guitar were done in white out pen.)

Now take these ingredients and put them altogether and you have this:

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