Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm not really sure what kind of croquis these are specifically unfortunately. But they went along very well i think. During my figure drawing class i decided to experiment. There were 2 different models; one male and the other female. The female had about 5 to 10 second poses, whereas the male did about 30 second poses. The only thing that makes these croquis' experimental is; instead of changing my technique or paper accordingly at every pose, i decided to just keep everything relative and just change the color of the pencil i was working in so as to show the different poses in succession.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is a shirt i did for my friends band, "I_AM_ALASKA." A very independent band with a sly style of mixed genres. But They wanted something odd and out of place even so i looked in my doodle book and said how about this?

I am also referenced to as the kid who draws alot of robots all the time as well. I'll fill you in on my robot illustrations a little later but for now i'll show you 3 shirt designs that i did as a way of promoting myself with 2 of my precious mechanical creations.

Ok so on the left is my guys shirt, sizes ranging from small to large and on the left was the girls shirt design; sizes going from youth large to adult medium. The Design on the left comes as well in tank tops ranging from youth mediums to adult small.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Music Magazine

Given the choice between a snowboarding magazine and a private clothing line magazine i decided to go with the "Strings n' Things" Musicians magazine. An initial look at a few other instrument retail magazines, etc. would suggest that to keep up with the ever growing music industry (as it's participants become younger and younger.) i decided to make the design for this magazine easy for the eye to follow without too much to vary from.

My next decision was to fully render this image, scan it and then fix any flaws in photoshop.

This image was done in my sketch book. I mapped everything out with pencil of course and then i decided what my color palette should be. I decided to start with the hat. I colored the hat with a the tea i was drinking that morning. I just dipped my thin tip brush in my tea cup and started dabbling a little bit at a time. Then i moved down to the legs or pants, still using the tea. By the time i made it up to the shirt it was midmorning and i had moved onto my second cup of caffeine, coffee.
I used the coffee to stain the shoes and shirt. Layers of tea and coffee later i had a very near-rendered image. So i added line contour with a 0.1 gel pen that i had in my pocket.

**The outfit was nearly done and i still wasn't satisfied. I wanted a cold texture. Something that would be brooding and yet allow the feel of the musician still come out on the forefront. So purely by accident; i discovered that cross hatching with a regular black ball point pen, and then swabbing some rubbing alcohol over top with a few q-tips, takes enough of the black out of the ink so that it leaves a blueish hue behind.**
Applying this to the face, feet and neck i got exactly what i wanted. I was so happy with this.

Now it's time for the bass. This time i used the coffee stains as i did before but only for the underlying base for the image. The rest of the colors were all done in prisma color markers and some metallic paints were used for the strings and the knobs on the head of the guitar as well as with the pick-ups on the guitar.

(Any highlights on the guitar were done in white out pen.)

Now take these ingredients and put them altogether and you have this:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"Why can't you be like the rest of the flock Jon?"-unknown

This quote was given to me as an assignment in college. I was to develop an illustration to go along with this quote or to make it come to life.

This was the thumbnail i came up with. There's probably others but they're of no accord. I just quick doodled what i wanted to compose this piece to be.

Then i had to come up with "Jon." This was an important part of this piece. I really wanted to make this whole piece quite literal. I wanted there to be no representation whatsoever. I wanted the quote to go along with it's illustration almost word for word...with a few subtleties of course.

The complete image is going through a total makeover. It will be up shortly.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I continually talk about my roots in the fine-arts so i figured it's about time that i show any readers some of my abstract paintings that i've become so fond of. (and how bad i am at blogging)

"Mordecai" 4.75in x 4.75in acrylic on illustration board

This paint is my first abstract painting in the series and it's called 'Mordecai.' It's done in acrylic on illustration board. (approx. size: 4.75inx4.75in) I put on a song on repeat and listened to it for about an hour on my headphones before i came up with this grotesque image.
"Untitled" 8.5in x 9.75in collage w/acrylics on illustration board

The second piece, is a larger piece. It's name i haven't come up with yet. But it too is done on illustration board. But this time the the background doesn't have a black base but i "mod-podged" clippings of newspaper articles and other various magazine clippings to make the base. I believe in the top left corner you can see a small snippet of an clementine orange box mesh that i used. (I was thinking in alot of 'reds' as you can tell on this piece.) Also if you look closely there's a face that i painted in the middle with alot of black acrylic washes. I don't know why the face is there, it just had to or i wouldn't have been satisfied with myself.

" "
4.75in x 4.75 acrylic on illustration board

This third piece was a very satisfying piece. Done on illustration board with a black base. I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton so the little curl in the top left is my tribute to his wonderful piece "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

4.75in x 4.75in acrylics/spray paints on illustration board

No i don't really have any explanation for this piece's name. The only being; i continually make up words in my head. I know they don't exist but i figured they should be perfect for my paintings. I write them down in one of my sketchbooks all the time so one day i'll probably put that up on here so you can see all the wonderful words that i like to make up.
"Mystical Rather"
4.75in x 4.75in acrylics on illustration board