Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sometimes i am 5 inches tall

This is one of my first design pieces while in college. Our assignment was very open. My design was to be introducing a new line of candy or chocolates. This is supposed to be something you would see in a magazine. The age group on this would be teenage to young adult. Witty, almost smart humor is the main theme to this piece.
My amateur design, coupled with my raw artwork has certainly produced work that i find myself constantly criticizing. Now trying to find my strengths in design has been the most violent dispute with myself. But on occasion i find when i put my illustration into my design work, a satisfying piece can be created.
Yep, this is totally not a real company. The coffee's real, the idea behind it and the image are certainly real. But for those of you looking for a credible, professional piece, in which i accumulated money or atleast a monetary compensation for a design such as this...look elsewhere, for this is not one of those pieces.

**But i will tell you how this was accomplished because the process is the same in the professional world as it is in the amateur graphic artists mind. (hate to disappoint those discriminating professionals out there who may be reading this)**

Kona coffee; as many late night creatives will tell you; is a Hawaiian grown coffee. Its the same as any coffee though. It's black, it stains, is served hot and has caffeine.
-I obviously went 'vector-crazy' on this piece. But it was a very good exercise to go from the sketch pad
immediately to illustrator.
-Obviously this was an assignment given while in college. I sketched like crazy for a few hours or so, getting nothing accomplished as to what the final piece was going to look like. So i went to the nearby Genardi's grocery store and got the cheapest bag of coffee i could find. I opened it up at the seams and put all the beans in a plastic bag.
-Then i took the measurements for all of the seams and creases on the bag that i had just dissected, and made a grid on the computer.

-This dissection of the bag of coffee really is a good example of what my brain does when it is handed an assignment such as this. Dissection, experimentation, whatever you want to call it. Just getting your hands dirty can really make the difference between an accomplished piece and a very dry or lacking piece.

***This is kinda cool, i just found these thumbnails i was messing around with before i came up with the actual idea for the Kona coffee thing. Enjoy.***

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